We Break Things – so your customers never see the bad version.
We Break Things – to help your site look better to more people.
We Break Things – because we’re really good at it.

You have a great, beautiful, intense, interesting site getting ready to launch. Maybe it’s pages and pages deep or Flash/video-heavy; maybe it has a lot of places for user interaction; maybe it has Facebook or YouTube tie-ins; or maybe it has a combination of all these things. No matter what you’ve got, you still need one more thing before you launch: Quality Assurance (QA). You need a new set of eyes—a fresh perspective. Someone to test all areas of the site—especially checking for things that it wasn’t designed to take. This kind of testing can’t be scripted or automated. You need a professional QA detective on your side.

That’s where I come in. I sidle discreetly up to your site, observe its behavior, and test it like it’s never been tested before. I tell you what’s happening so you can fix it (if you want) or call it a feature (if you don’t). I help you make sure your site is going to be as strong and stable for as many people as possible—no matter what kind of computer or connection they have. Check out my most recent missions here.

My test suite has an insane number of native configurations. If it’s out there and being used, I have it and can test your site on it. Even better, if you like, I can tell you what is out there and what you probably want your site to do to have the best results for your audience. All of them. Wherever they are.

What about this site, you ask? Why’s it so simple? That’s an easy one: because I break sites much better than I make them. And what I contribute to other team’s projects is far more important than the impressiveness of my own.

[Please note: We Break Things is no longer accepting new large-scale projects. If you’re looking for something smaller, please visit my sister site here.]